Creates your own space

No luggage

Wear it like a scarf

When you are on your way to the bus, train or on the run to your connecting flight.

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On the run

Comfort is important for us and therefore we have chosen firm fabrics for your skin.

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Easy to use

We use a valve that is easy to inflate and easy to deflate.

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Takes care

The chin support prevents your head from tilting forward and the side and back support holds your head steady while you are dreaming.

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Easy to use

Adjustable for different sizes and supporting needs.

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Attachable hood

Outside the collar

The hood is over sized to create your personal space among other travelers.
The hood creates shadow for your eyes and no one will notice how you look while you are asleep.

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  • On the run

    you can use the collar folded down and make it blend in with other clothing.

  • Ergonomic

    Superior cushion support that prevents your head from falling in unpleasant directions.

  • Convenient

    inflation valve covered with soft fabric. You decide the amount Ovaer.

  • Attachable

    hooded scarf that you easily attaches to the outside of the collar.

  • On every adventure.

    On the bus to work or on your way to your dream destination, no one will notice.

  • Privacy

    The Ovaersized hood creates your own space and also offers you shade and dignity among other travelers.

  • Washable

    If you been drooling

Creates your own space

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On the run

Comfortable companion