About us

Our story

As travelers, there are a lot of times when we are on the journey where we need to have a nap or sleep. It can be on the early train to work, on the four hour bus ride to visit your friend or on the long flight to your dream destination.

To be able to get a good rest in these situations you need to be comfortable, have some privacy and a have great support from a neck pillow that prevents your head from tilting in different directions.

The design for the Ovaer neck pillow started for us during a long distance flight from Bali to Sweden in 2012. A recently purchased neck pillow did not give the support that was needed, and when we woke up, we found ourselves leaning on the shoulder of a stranger, drooling! A slightly embarrassing moment started the process to develop a solution to overcome this problem.

With knowledge we had within the Industrial and fashion design, the development of this all-in-one product began. The solution had to offer comfortable and darkness for the eyes, fulfilling the same privacy and relaxed feel as in your own bedroom in term to relax among strangers and of course we needed to invent a superior headrest.

With this new design of neck support, we had daily commuters, business travelers and extreme travellers trial the prototypes. Our only goal during the development was to ensure that we were about to release the best possible product for travellers, suitable for all type of journeys.

With superb feedback from some of the world’s most frequent travellers such as Swedish influence couple Jon Olsson and Janni Delér, we are proud to offer you the same premium comfort on future journeys, whatever destination.

Ovaer is developed as an accessory that blends in with your other clothing. In that way we can save you some luggage space, whether you are on your way to work or when you are heading to your connecting flight. We are using quality fabrics and it is also machine washable.

This makes Ovaer your long-lasting travel companion.