Neck pillow

Neck pillow

Ovaer – The neck pillow that is optimized for deep sleep, superior comfort, and an amazing user experience.

Our travel pillow is designed to create your own space and maximize your privacy among other passengers. We all have individual needs when it comes to head support and every journey is totally different. This is the reasons why we made our neck pillow fully adjustable to meet your personal level of comfort. Our travel pillow is optimized for deep sleep on all means of travel and creates your shielding bubble where nothing disturbs your sleep.

Unique ergonomic neck pillow

Our neck pillow is based on a unique ergonomic solution with several soft and flexible air cushions. The air chambers provide flexibility in all directions and guarantees an adaptable and steady 360 ​​° support for your head, even in the front. We assure you that this inflatable neck pillow provides superior neck support that prevent your head from falling in uncomfortable directions.
The neck pillow has convenient easy-to-use functions, and the hidden air-valve is placed well protected by a soft stretch fabric on the left-hand side of the collar. You Inflate/deflate the pillow in just a second and when you inflated the pillow, attach the Velcro on the collar for your desired needs when traveling.

Your own space is important as well as convenience and shade for your eyes.

Ovaer is developed with functions that allow you to be completely shielded from other travelers, which means that you have your own space to enjoy and relax in. We designed the removable hood with three layers of fabric over the eyes, which darkens as well as an eye mask. The roomy hood reaches all the way over the face where it meets the high-cut zipper part of the hood that covers the mouth and chin. This is what creates privacy and increases your integrity. Bring it on the road trip to the mountains, on the bus after a weekend in the city or on the flight to a dream destination, no one will disturb your sleep.

Ovaer – Wear it as a scarf

Ovaer quickly converts from a fully supportive neck pillow to a stylish scarf, just deflate the air and loosen the collar. You don´t need to pack and unpack before the transit flight, or under the leg stretcher. Ovaer takes minimal luggage space when stored in the included drawstring bag and attached to your cabin bag.

Premium quality

Ovaer is a premium neck pillow that is made from the highest quality materials that is meant to be used and made to last and is of course washable at 40°. Be assured that this travel product will accompany you for years to come.

Award winning neck pillow

Supreme neck support combined with a detachable hood for privacy results in best in test awards. Our neck cushion beats competitors in ergonomics, neck support and multifunctionality.

“Innovation with a completely unique technology. Ovaer provides better headrest and comfort than a memory foam neck pillow. The neck pillow takes less space, has an exclusive and well-thought-out design and is developed for the conscious and experienced traveler who values ​​quality before quantity”

“Are you about to book a flight? Then I suggest that you order the Over neck pillow with hood before the departure. Then you get an incredibly good and luxurious travel product that has it all, and more. Consider that it also can protect you against the germs on the seat you lean your head against. For example, the reserved bus seat, on the airport terminal or at the train station”.

Neck pillow details

Wash instructions:

  • (Make sure you removed the inflatable pillow through the zipper in the back of the collar before wash)
  • Gentle wash at 40 °
  • Medium Iron
  • Tumble dry

Main fabric composition:

  • Polyester 63%
  • Rayon 33%
  • Spandex 4%

Mesh fabric:

  • Polyester 100%

Weight with Ovaer folded down in the drawstring bag:

  • 240 grams

Size of the drawstring bag:

  • Height: 25cm
  • Length: 10cm
  • Depth: 8cm