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Ovaer hoodie neck pillow – Blue Melange

A smartly designed neck pillow provides excellent support around the entire head

The patented air cushion in the collar has separate air chambers making the cushion soft, flexible, and exceptionally supportive around the whole head. When the pillow is inflated, it provides support in all directions and prevents you from uncomfortable sleeping positions.

You inflate the pillow in one breath and empty it in no time

The large air valve allows you to fill the entire pillow with air in one breath. If you need to adjust the amount of air, simply push the black flap inside the valve. The nozzle is hidden and protected by a soft stretch pocket on the left inside of the collar.

Detachable and spacious hood that obscures and provides invaluable privacy 

With the hood, you can shield yourself from wide-seated travelers and be separated when you relax and, for example, watch movies on the flight.If you want a completely private space separate from your fellow travelers, you can fold the spacious hood over your face, so you are undisturbed by the light in the cabin or the glow from your neighbor's reading lamp. The hood has three layers of cloth over the eyes, ensuring that it's dark when you want to sleep — but the interior is lined with an airy, breathable fabric.

You can use the neck pillow separately if you unbutton the hood

Use as a scarf

By loosening the bracket and letting the air out of the neck pillow, you can wear it as a warm, comfortable scarf. The hood can also be tucked inside the pillow for extra padding.

Fold and store in the storage bag

When arriving at your destination, you can put the collar and hood in the storage bag and tighten the closure with the lace stop. The bag takes up little space and can easily fit in your purse or pocket — perfect when traveling without luggage!

You have done your part of the driving and now you get your awaited rest in the passenger seat, the playlist "road trip" is on and there are five hours left until you reach the goal of the trip. You inflate your neck pillow with the support you usually prefer. The spacious hood now blocks out all light and Elvis' old tune Blue Hawaii starts to sound more and more distant as your thoughts float away ... Did I pack everything? is the hotel close to the ski resort? Book a hotel? ... A neck pillow for the car journey is not a bad idea, everyone knows what it is like to wake up with your head slumping forward and neck pain.

If you start to feel tired and drive long distances on your own, then think about taking a nap from time to time or a leg stretcher.


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