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Ovaer hoodie neck pillow – Khaki Green

A popular neck pillow with inspiration from sandy beaches and palm trees.
Two days left until you go on holiday to Mexico. The last sales meeting is done in Edinburgh and a four-hour train journey awaits you back to London. You carry the computer bag over your shoulder and wear Ovaer as a scarf, which is an advantage now that the weather is a bit rough outside. You are perfectly okay with the environmental policy on bus and train travel domestically because it is your time for relaxation before the children's homework and evening routines. The train sounds for departure and you inflated the neck support to the desired comfort in no time. It is discreetly hidden inside the soft, cozy scarf even now when it is inflated and you thinking of pulling over the hood to get some shade and create privacy before you fall asleep…. But the dreams of Mexico's green palm trees caught you to early…


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